Does belonging at work really matter?

Belonging matters. It fulfils a psychological need within us all.

It is a powerful way to appeal to the emotional connection people have with each other and the teams and organisations they are part of.

We can use it as an opportunity to attract the right people into our organisations and use it to remind them why they should stay.

Do you freeze when the interviewer asks you this?

The questions you ask at your interview should be a direct reflection of what is important to you. Don’t just ask questions to make you look good. This is your career so don’t apologise for interviewing the interviewer!

Who says we can’t celebrate?

I wasn’t always that great in celebrating my small successes.  I felt like I had to wait for the big ones before I earned that right or I simply didn’t take the time to think about it. I think many of us feel this way, like we are conditioned to only celebrate when huge things…

Are you being persistent? Or just stubborn?

There is a difference between persistence and stubbornness.
It’s ok to change the path you’re on. It releases you to concentrate on what makes you truly happy.

That’s why knowing the difference between the two can be one of the smartest things you’ll ever learn.

3 ways to rebuild your confidence after a setback

Failure can affect our feelings of self worth and can allow negative thoughts to overshadow and impact our self confidence.
It’s tough but not impossible to protect your self esteem and confidence each and every time you experience a setback. Be it personal or professional. It just takes practice and adopting the right mindset.

Step away from the email, you’re on holiday!

Don’t feel guilty for wanting to switch off from work when you’re on holiday. Your boss can cope without you for a while and those all-important emails will be waiting for you when you get back.

To blindly obey or intelligently disobey?

The ability to articulately voice your concerns when you feel that something isn’t quite right takes courage, skill and practice. That’s where intelligent disobedience comes in. It’s the polite way of saying no.

Let’s not let Brexit taint diversity

Many organisations tolerate diversity. More need to embrace it.
We have a responsibility to remind our teams that we embrace and respect what makes us different but we are all united in a common purpose.

Experiencing a career energy surge?

A career energy surge refers to the sudden or accumulated energy that arises when an individual wants to make a change in their job or career. A UK survey of 2,000 employees, has found that 70% feel trapped in their current role therefore the likelihood of many experiencing a career energy surge is quite high.

Is shared leadership a sign of the times?

Shared leadership is where influence and accountability is shared between team members.  They are collectively responsibility for setting their own processes and output operating within a flat structure. In effect when shared leadership occurs, team’s members have autonomy over the ‘how’ and ‘when’ in completing tasks and in some cases are responsible for agreeing the…